Child Protection Week:
Protecting children from bullying

At one of our recent Teenage Awareness Programmes we were able to help turn around a bullying scenario.

Jake’s* mother reported that he was a victim of cyberbullying on his classmates’ WhatsApp Group, where he was mocked for the way he dressed and acted and his sexual orientation was questioned.

Our LifeSkills team was asked to intervene. We counselled Jake and had the opportunity to address his entire grade at school! We equipped the learners with the ReThink App – a free download which asks learners ‘are you sure you want to send this?’ for every message that contains any hate speech.

This popup causes learners to stop and ReThink before the damage is done. Jake is no longer bullied and depressed and his friends are rethinking what they say on social media.

Learn more or download the ReThink App here.

*Name changed to protect his identity