Our Academic Portfolio provides literacy and numeracy intervention to under-performing Grade 2 and 3 learners, to enable them to keep up with the academic curriculum.


We are a proud Shine Chapter and we run the Shine Literacy Hour in six underprivileged schools.


Our Fun with Numbers Numeracy Manual provides individualized numeracy support to Grade 2 learners at five schools.


Our LifeSkills Portfolio provides counselling, special interest groups, camps, workshops and Teenage Awareness programmes to equip learners to face the challenges of their context, to make wise decisions throughout their adolescence and become active citizens.


We have qualified counsellors in six schools, working with children who are experiencing trauma, abuse, bullying, gang initiation and behavioural issues.


We run weekend camps for Grade 7 learners from all our beneficiary schools, with fun activities and inspiring workshops to inspire learners to pursue their dreams and reach their potential.

Teenage Awareness

We run a series or short-term workshops addressing a variety of issues facing our pre-teen and teenage learners.


We are always looking for facilitators to work with small groups for our camps and Teenage Awareness Programmes!