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Literacy and SA’s Future Economy

South Africa's extremely high youth unemployment, now at 50%, is closely linked to the quality of schooling, especially weak levels in the areas of numeracy and maths. Strengthening these skills in learners is a future-builder. Visit us at

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Getting Literacy back on track

In the urban Grade 2 classrooms the unit studied last year, it found that while the average eight-year-old was meant to be reading 71 words a minute by the end of the fourth term, this was not the case. When the reading fluency of the top three pupils in each class was observed, it was [...]

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Not an impossible dream

Not an impossible dream: Right now this is a small minority in our communities, but it doesn't take much to turn it into the majority. Just the gift of literacy, numeracy and stability – and your partnership.

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Thank You!

Thank you Marion Foster, for initiating having school shoes donated for Westlake Primary who are so desperate in need of school shoes in this winter. She will be dying them black this weekend and hopefully we can bless some little ones next week! LMF love our children and our volunteers!

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Stepping in to help learners bridge the gap

In 2013 the National Education Evaluation and Development Unit released its first national evaluation of how children in grades 1,2 and 3 (the foundation phase) in urban schools were being taught. In classrooms visited by the unit in 2013, just 5% of Grade 5 pupils could read at the required rate of 80 to 90 [...]

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Paying it forward with Mentoring

The Life Matters Life Mentoring programme reaches 40 learners, and the current Numeracy and Occupational Therapy programmes are impacting altogether 40 learners, improving vital numeracy and learning skills  – find out how you can support this initiative by volunteering time, skills or resources:

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Volunteers: We Love You!

Celebrating LifeMatters volunteers today, and the amazing way in which you love on the learners we work with. Here are some accounts from them of how much your love has meant to them...

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Learning while we play

To help under-prepared learners at risk of failing Grade 1 our programme uses activities such as skipping, balancing, hopscotch, throwing and catching, building with blocks and visual perceptual activities. These specially-formulated games involving physical movement and visual tasks are all for the purposes of brain development.Find out more at

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